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Walk with Israel 2017

Thank you to all our UJA Walk With Israel supporters! You helped us raise nearly $1 million in combined fundraising and corporate sponsorship. Over 20,000 people came out to show their solidarity with the people of Israel, supported by over 350 volunteers. 

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UJA: Making It Happen - Meytal's story

UJA's partnership in Bat Yam offers hundreds of Ethiopian Israelis, like Meytal, an opportunity to study in a 3 year nursing program, uplifting their spirit and socio-economic mobility.

Help us help people like Meytal, Find out more about UJA's Walk with Israel.


A day at TanenbaumCHAT

Every day is a great day growing up at TanenbaumCHAT. Hear from students sharing their experiences from school and talking about what makes CHAT so special.


Masha was forced to flee her conflict ridden city halfway across the world

In 2014, Masha Shumyatsky fled Donestk, Ukraine after it became involved in a military conflict.  She is one of hundreds of thousands of people UJA helps overseas thanks to it's partner agencies JDC and JAFI.

Dudi discovers Jewish Toronto

Hear from our friend Dudi who sets out on a discovery tour of UJA Federation across the GTA.  UJA Federation of Greater Toronto is making Jewish Community Happen in many ways through our partner organizations.