The aim of the Arts & Culture program at Hillel of Greater Toronto is to build a community for Jewish students who are interested in the arts. Working with students on campus, we offer creative and dynamic programs designed to foster creative self-expression, and to raise the profile of Jewish art in our community.

Whether you would like to participate in a hands-on workshop in photography or ceramics, or hear Jewish artists talk about their work, or participate in an Improv Drama night, you'll find an activity on campus that is engaging and fun.  It's easy to find out about upcoming programs on your campus.

The culmination of the 2003-2004 programs will be the Jewish Students Arts Festival  Colouring Ourselves - the eighth annual showcase of Jewish student art - scheduled for March 20-21, 2004.

To find out about upcoming programs on your campus and for complete information about how to submit your work for the show contact Hillel at (416) 913-2424, through the website or by email to