Living in Canada, we take for granted the ability to purchase kosher foods for all Jewish holidays. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Jews of Cuba, where no kosher food is sold and the 1,200 Jews living there are unable to fulfill their Jewish destinies by observing holiday rituals.


Each year for the past 50, the Jews of Toronto have reached out to help Cuban Jewry by purchasing enough kosher for Passover food for every man, woman and child. Because of your generosity children like 7 year old Carmen will enjoy holiday staples like matzah, gefilte fish, canned tuna, kosher wine, powdered soup and more so that she and the rest of the Cuban Jewry can live their Jewish lives with dignity and hope.


Give $100


You get: a set of 30 original place cards for your Seder table.


Give $500


You get: Passover-themed toys and 30 original place cards.