Bat Yam, Israel


In Israel there are far too many struggling to make ends meet. Where most of us are lucky enough to celebrate Passover seders plentiful with food and drink, there are many who still cannot. But for Children like Dani there are ways to turn this Passover around. Even though his father recently lost his job and his mother's salary cannot provide the necessities of life for himself and his three younger brothers, there is hope.


This year, thanks to your compassion money raised will be allocated through United Israel Appeal Canada to over 60 Israeli soup kitchens where hot meals are served daily and children like Dani won’t go hungry. Funds will also be allocated to feed children like Adina, an Ethiopian immigrant who receives a hot lunch through a special afterschool program.


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You get: a set of 30 original place cards for your Seder table.


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You get: Passover-themed toys and 30 original place cards.