“I would like to think that someday, when our dreams have been fulfilled, they will say that it was women giving of their ideas and resources that made the difference."

-Golda Meir


Why a Woman's Gift

Donating to a cause that is meaningful to women empowers women. Historically often men take care of the donating, “I gave at the  office”.  When women decide and choose to donate they are thoughtful and purposeful about it.  When a woman gives there is often a personal connection to the particular organization they are contributing to.  Either the organization has touched them personally or someone close to them, Similarly, women might need the services of the organization or know someone who does.  Whether they are 30, 70 or 90 women will benefit from giving.  A woman carries a sense of pride knowing she has done a mitzvah by making a difference. 


Another reason why a woman gives is about legacy and role modeling.  Often giving “runs” in families because the matriarch (grandmother/grandparents) are charitable or philanthropic and the grandchildren grow up with that as a way of life. As a result, they too become people who give. The giving is like a torch being passed down from one generation to the next. 


Lastly it's about education and belief systems.  When a woman learns where her money is going and what impact it makes and who will benefit from it, the donation becomes easier.  Those beliefs might be centered around Judaism. Specifically, we feel better when we give “at home” first.  We feel good about supporting the Jewish People and Israel, and continuing to build a strong Jewish nation for the next generations.

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