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By establishing innovative and industry leading camp initiatives, the UJA Federation's Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping strengthens Jewish identity and Jewish affiliation with each new camper!

Identity Building

The uniquely immersive experience of Jewish summer camp is a magical and unforgettable gift that shapes a child's future identity.

Strengthening Values

Jewish summer camps fuse the activities, friendships, and communal life of traditional camps with the Jewish values, role models, and culture of a shared heritage.

Jewish Engagement

The memories, friendships, and experiences of these summers are carried through a lifetime of Jewish commitment, turning Jewish youth into engaged Jewish adults.

Dudi Goes to Camp

We are making Jewish Summer Camp a reality.

Our goal is to increase participation in summer camping by developing short session experiences that inspire children to return summer after summer.  Read more about our plan here


PJ Goes to Camp

Are you or your child new to Jewish summer camp? Not quite ready to send your child away to camp? UJA’s Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping wants to give you and your child a taste of Jewish camp with PJ Goes to Camp. Families with children between the ages of 5 - 8 the opportunity to experience a day of Jewish summer camp.

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For first timer children and parents overnight camp can be an intimidating prospect. The Weekender, sponsored by the UJA’s Silber Family Centre for Jewish Camping, is designed to introduce first time campers to Jewish overnight camp in a safe and fun 2-3 day session. 

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Family Camp

Experience a weekend at a sleepaway camp with the whole family and get an inside look into the camp experience. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your children to the camp environment with the whole family.

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Silber Fellowship

The Silber Fellowship provides Jewish camp staff the chance to participate in high-end internships and workshops, as well as mentorship and leadership opportunities. Silber Fellows will receive intensive professional development to help them become informal educators and leaders in the community.

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Financial Assistance

UJA Federation firmly believes that no Jewish child or teen should be cut off from essential Jewish experiences – including overnight summer camp – because their parents are facing a financial crisis due to the pandemic. Looking ahead to the 2021 camping season, we anticipate that financial assistance needs will grow by 50%. This is why we are working to increase our investments in summer camp tuition relief by funding needs-based scholarships and interest free loans.

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Taste of Camp

Did you know that many of our partner Jewish summer camps offer 4–14-day sessions? Your child can experience “a taste of camp” in these starter sessions, which are just the right length for first-time campers.

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