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UJA’s Julia and Henry Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education believes all Jewish student should have the opportunity for an affordable Jewish education. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Koschitzky Centre invests over 12 million dollars in meaningful tuition assistance every year.


Choosing Jewish Day School for your child means:


Academic Excellence

Day schools offer rigorous dual curriculum that promotes critical thinking and individualized attention. Most graduates find that after the rigor of day school, they are more prepared for college than their peers.

Jewish Values

Jewish day schools foster a values system and develop identity in their students. By living Jewish concepts such as gemilut hasadim or tikun olam, day school students become ethical individuals with a moral compass.


Day schools foster leadership skills and traits within their students.

Judaic Literacy

By providing serious educational connections to Jewish history and texts and the Hebrew language, and by nurturing relationships to Jewish tradition, beliefs, and practices, day schools make Judaism second nature, instead of second best.


Day School Affordability

We are addressing the financial affordability and sustainability of our Jewish Day Schools – because we believe all Jewish student should have the opportunity for an affordable Jewish education. To reduce tuition fees at Day Schools, we have introduced programs that address the challenge of affordability for middle income families.

TanenbaumCHAT Tuition Cut

Through UJA's annual campaign, donations and the Jewish Foundation we ensure that our community's educational and experiential infrastructure has the resources necessary to thrive.

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Tuition Assistance

We know the importance of Jewish education. We also know that the rising cost of tuition can be a barrier preventing families from sending children to a Jewish day school.

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