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Associated Hebrew Schools

Associated Hebrew Schools (“AHS”) is a community day school rooted in traditional Jewish values.


We are committed to:

  • Educational excellence and innovation in both general and Judaic studies
  • Nurturing student learning
  • Instilling a love of Torah, Israel, and the Hebrew language

AHS welcomes families from across the Jewish community, and is proud to have a student body of diverse learners that represents a wide range of cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, and Jewish beliefs.


Contact Information

Website: assocaitedhebrewschools.com

Phone number: 416-494-7666

Head of School: Ora Shulman (oshulman@ahschools.com)

Bais Chaim Mushka

Bais Chaya Mushka’s mandate is to educate students to be living examples of our rich and noble Jewish heritage. The school aims to infuse students with the desire to reach out to fellow Jews to share with them the warmth and beauty of Yiddishkeit. The curriculum motivates students to become leaders in Jewish communities around the world by strengthening Jewish awareness, identity, and pride.


Contact Information

Website: https://bcmschool.ca/

Phone number: 416-398-9532

Principal: Rabbi Yaacov Vidal (rabbividal@bcmschool.ca)

Logo for Bialik Hebrew Day School

Bialik Hebrew Day School is committed to providing an exemplary Jewish and general education to children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 from diverse Jewish backgrounds. Bialik fosters a strong Jewish identity that embraces the values of our Labour Zionist roots—inclusivity, social justice, and equality—in a warm and nurturing environment. Hebrew fluency, Yiddish language & culture, and a strong connection to Israel and the Jewish people are paramount. Our commitment to Jewish values, academic excellence, and innovation inspires our students to become future Canadian and Jewish community leaders.


Contact Information

Website: Bialik.ca

Phone number: 416-783-3346

Head of School: Benjamin Cohen (bcohen@bialik.ca or extension 208)

Logo for Eitz Chaim Schools

Eitz Chaim School provides an inspiring, nurturing, intensive, and challenging Jewish and general studies programme. Eitz Chaim prepares students for a joyful, lifelong relationship with Hashem rooted in Torah learning and yiras shomayim, mitzvah observance, and derech eretz. Eitz Chaim promotes ahavas yisroel for all Jews and inspires students to make a Kiddush Hashem in the wider Jewish community and world.


Contact Information

Website: eitzchaim.com

Phone number: 905-764-6633

Head of School: Rabbi Mordechai Loiterman (mloiterman@eitzchaim.com or extension 231)

Logo for JDOHSS

Students at The Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet Sephardic School are infused with a love for and commitment to Jewish learning and Torah observance. Our mission is to help students acquire the knowledge, proficiency, and attitude to become responsible members of the Jewish community, as well as to become enthusiastic, lifelong, independent seekers of Torah and general knowledge.


Uniquely, through enriched and interactive programs, The Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet Sephardic School students are imbued with a special appreciation of their Sephardic traditions and heritage throughout their education. In order to help safeguard our inheritance, The Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet Sephardic School students actively learn about Sephardic laws and customs.


In everything we do, learning comes alive at The Joe Dwek Ohr HaEmet Sephardic School.


Contact Information

Website: jdohss.org

Phone number: 905-669-7653

Head of School: Rabbi Elishai Kohananoo (Rabbi.kohananoo@jdohss.org or extension 268)

Logo for Kayla’s Children Centre

Kayla’s Children Centre (KCC) is a non-profit organization that resulted in the merger of Zareinu Education Centre and Project Aim. Both shared a passionate desire to empower children with special needs to develop life enhancing skills, self-esteem, and confidence. KCC aims to provide high-quality, cutting-edge educational, therapeutic, and recreational programs for infants, children, and teens with special needs, and to assist their families by offering support and respite. The Centre embraces children of all abilities, religious affiliations, and needs, and is rich in Jewish education and tradition. The Centre encompasses a school program from kindergarten to grade 12, camp and recreational activities, as well as therapy clinics.


Contact Information

Website: https://kaylaschildrencentre.org/

Phone Number: 905-738-5542

Principal: Lisa Gelberman (lisa@kaylaschildrencentre.org)

The logo for Leo Baeck

Leo Baeck, a Reform Jewish day school, is committed to providing academic excellence in a nurturing community.


The Leo Baeck Day School nurtures each child academically, spiritually, physically, and artistically, while providing a modern and meaningful Jewish educational experience.


A Leo Baeck education offers your child the best of all worlds: a Jewish education that is at once progressive and traditional, paired with a powerful academic program that engages with the world.


Contact Information

Website: leobaeck.ca

Phone number: 416-787-9899

Head of School: Eric Petersiel (epetersiel@leobaeck.ca)

Logo for Montessori Jewish Day School

The Montessori Jewish Day School will inspire a lifetime love and excitement for learning in an environment that fosters a respect for oneself, for the community, and for the world.


Montessori Jewish Day School is an inclusive, pluralistic, egalitarian school dedicated to instilling respect for the individual and for the community. MJDS provides an engaging Jewish educational experience that embraces the diversity of Jewish practice, integrates Hebrew, and responds to a child’s natural search for spiritual and intellectual growth. MJDS educates its students toward becoming knowledgeable and committed Jews and responsible citizens who love Judaism, Jewish culture, and Israel.


Contact Information

Website: mjds.ca 

Phone number: 416-784-5071

Head of School: Regina Lulka (regina@mjds.ca or extension 3)

The logo for Netivot HaTorah

Netivot HaTorah is a co-educational Modern Orthodox elementary Jewish day school, which offers an ideal learning environment that enriches your child and your home, creates lively Shabbat tables, a passion for our yidishkeit, a commitment to our religion, and a deep connection to Eretz Israel. At Netivot HaTorah, personalities emerge, individuality develops, friendships form, and your child thrives. That is our commitment.


Contact Information

Website: Netivot.com

Phone number: 905-771-1234

Head of School: Rabbi Dr. Rafi Cashman (rcashman@netivot.com or extension 216)

The logo for Pal Penna

Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School (Paul Penna DJDS) is a vibrant SK to Grade 8 Jewish day school committed to educational excellence in a dynamic environment. The school’s distinct program integrates Judaic and general studies, while encouraging artistic expression as a tool for learning. Committed to social justice and tikkun olam (repairing the world), we nurture responsible citizens and compassionate, confident human beings. We offer students the opportunity to meet their full potential as individuals, Jews, and valued members of the larger community. Embracing the values of diversity and equality, the school welcomes students of all Jewish backgrounds.


Contact Information

Website: djds.ca

Phone number: 416-928-3537

Head of School: Dr. Amy Platt (amy@djds.ca)

Logo for Robbins Hebrew Academy

As a progressive Jewish learning academy, we equip students with the skills to think critically, the imagination to think beyond, and the discipline that builds character.


RHA graduates take the world by storm.  In fact, they’ve become some of the globe’s leading entrepreneurs and executives, respected judges and scientists, and celebrated writers, athletes, and inventors. They span industries from finance to academia, healthcare to the law, and technology to entertainment.


Contact Information

Website: rhacademy.ca

Phone number: 416-224-8737

Head of School: Claire Sumerlus (csumerlus@rhacademy.ca or extension 125)

The logo for The Toronto Heschel School

The Toronto Heschel School is an interdenominational Jewish day school that provides an academically innovative, integrated curriculum in a warm, nurturing environment. The school’s inclusive community is made up of families and faculty from diverse backgrounds. 


At the Toronto Heschel School, we approach your child’s growth as a whole: intellectual, creative, social, ethical, and physical.


Our community is inclusive and respectful of all Jewish practices. At Heschel, the whole curriculum is integrated, which promotes a deeper understanding of the content and allows children to apply their learning across all disciplines. Our students are encouraged to think about global issues and to act.


Contact Information

Website: torontoheschel.org

Phone number: 416-636-1876

Head of School: Dr. Greg Beiles (gbeiles@torontoheschel.org or extension 331)

Affiliated Jewish High Schools

Logo for Bnei Akiva

The mission of Yeshivat Or Chaim and Ulpanat Orot is to inculcate within our students an appreciation for and a commitment to Torah observances and values. Yeshivat Or Chaim (founded in 1973) and Ulpanat Orot (founded in 1975) were established in Toronto with several specific goals in mind: To create a Yeshiva environment where religiously committed Jewish boys and girls will be able to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and religiously in a vibrant Jewish setting; to offer a dual curriculum of Jewish and general studies that will arm our students with the methodological tools needed to become self-reliant in classical Jewish texts and give them a broad-based secular grounding in the classical world disciplines; to deepen and strengthen the centrality of Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael as a fundamental element of our Torah beliefs and, to this end, stress the importance of Lashon Hakodesh as a manner of achieving these goals; and to encourage and fervently support the notion of our students continuing their Judaic studies at Yeshivot in Eretz Yisrael and in other institutions of higher Jewish learning.


Contact Information

Website: bastoronto.org

Phone number: 416-638-5434

Head of School: Rabbi Seth Grauer (rabbigrauer@bastoronto.org)

Logo for Tanenbaum CHAT

As the GTA’s community Jewish high school, TanenbaumCHAT fulfills a unique role. Through rigorous general and Jewish studies curricula and extensive extra-curricular programming, we provide an exciting and extensive educational experience. Guided by our Jewish values, we develop students’ intellectual curiosity, challenge them to live lives of high moral character, connect them to their Jewish roots, the Jewish community and the State of Israel, and help them discover a meaningful way to contribute to the world around them.


We embrace the diverse backgrounds of our families and are committed to creating an environment in which all our students have the opportunity to thrive.  We welcome students from Jewish day schools and from many public and independent schools. For decades, our tailor-made New Stream program has also offered an opportunity to those with little to no previous Jewish education to engage in Jewish learning. We prepare students to attend the finest post-secondary institutions and to succeed in whatever their chosen path may be. Our graduates join a distinguished network of more than 8,000 alumni who are making an impact in Toronto and across the globe.


Contact Information

Website: tanenba­­umchat.org
Phone number: 416-785-4044
Head of School: Dr. Jonathan Levy (jlevy@tanenbaumchat.org or extension 260)

The logo for Tieferes Bais Yaakov

Tiferes Bais Yaakov equips each graduate to succeed in her role as the Akeres haBayis, while pursuing professional excellence through a unique, joyful high school experience, blending rigorous Limudei Kodesh and secular studies, Torah-true hashkafa, and character-driven student activities.


Contact Information

Website: tiferesbaisyaakov.com
Phone number: 416-485-4044
Head of School: Rabbi Shmuel Zilber (rabbizilber@tbyhs.org or extension 229)

The logo for Yeshiva Darchei Torah

Yeshiva Darchei Torah is a wonderful Yeshiva that provides excellence in Limudai Kodesh and Limudai Chol. We offer a low student-to-rebbi ratio. We strive to meet the needs of every Talmid who attends our school. Over 95% of our graduates have been accepted into universities. All of our alumni have deferred their acceptance to universities to continue their learning in Yeshivas in Israel. Following Yeshiva learning, our alumni are continuing their learning in Yeshivas in North America and pursue medical, law, and business degrees at universities.


Contact Information

Website: darchei.ca  
Phone number: 416-782-7974
Head of School: Rabbi Breitowitz (breitowitz@darchei.ca)